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    • The Connections Companion No. 304

      New York Times· 7 days ago

      Scroll down to reveal a hint for each category of today’s Connections, or head to the comments for community hints and conversation.

    • The New Great-Power Politics

      The New Great-Power Politics

      New York Times· 5 days ago

      The Houthis, the Iran-backed militia that controls much of Yemen, have disrupted the global economy by firing on commercial ships traveling through the...

    • The Popularity of Marathons

      The Popularity of Marathons

      New York Times· 19 hours ago

      Participation is up — as are finish times. On a chilly day in April 1924 — the first year that the Boston Marathon was 26.2 miles, rather than the...

    • Abortion Politics in 2024

      Abortion Politics in 2024

      New York Times· 7 days ago

      No American president has done as much to restrict abortion as Donald Trump. When he was running in 2016, he promised to appoint Supreme Court justices...