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    • Blue Books

      The Daily Dunklin Democrat· 6 days ago

      Every Friday when the students entered Mrs. Hartsoe’s English IV class, a stack of large books indicated what the student assignment for the hour would be. Intense foreboding sighs were heard ...

    • Morale: Shutting Down The Vampire Sukhomlinov

      Strategy Page· 4 days ago

      In particular, the guy at the top understood the seriousness of a growing problem in the military; not enough time to carry out all the required training and verification events. This degenerative ...

    • Zoc Flips The Script On Education With AI

      Zoc Flips The Script On Education With AI

      Forbes· 3 days ago

      Zoc is a free AI app that acts as a student’s personal wingman, making transcriptions, summaries, translations and quizzes from audio it records in...