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  1. “I have to learn to walk again,” said Malalja Banks, as she fought back tears, “The shooting took a huge chunk out of my life because in the future I wanted my own dance team. Banks said a man ...

  2. Growing up in Germany, Daniel Posmik says he always had a fascination with American culture and way of life. "Attending an American high school helped me in communicating and understanding foreign ...

  3. LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network, with more than 575 million members and executives from all Fortune 500 companies as members.

  4. Spend Money Guilt-Free " Even With Student Loans

    Leesville Daily Leader3 days ago

    'Ask Brianna' is a column from NerdWallet for 20-somethings or anyone else starting out. For those with loans they can't afford, the news was a large-scale confirmation of a small-scale truth ...

  5. Dealing with chronic illnesses while living away from home for the first time only adds to the challenge. “University was the best experience of my life.” So many people had told me this before I started university.

  6. Local/region and state

    The Lake County Record-Bee2 days ago

    The Lake County Literacy Coalition invites individuals, friends, and families who enjoy walking and running to participate in the 29th Vineyard Run for Literacy. The event, which benefits the ...

  7. Flexible work options are important to Millennials and older workers alike, and could improve employee loyalty in your company.

  8. Brad Cullum was shocked Tuesday morning when he got to his car at John A. Logan College. Tucked under his windshield wiper was a small white flyer with bold black lettering. “It’s ALRIGHT to ...

  9. Last year, 183 students received one-on-one instruction in one of the three tutor classrooms the space holds.

  10. Mia Sims – Page 3 – Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Las Vegas Review-Journal5 days ago

    In her spare time, she works as a part-time English tutor for Brainfuse, an online tutoring service for high school and college students.

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