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    • What Is WYSIWYG?

      What Is WYSIWYG?

      MakeUseOf· 4 days ago

      Part of the magic of software development occurs when lines of code alchemize into more than the sum of their parts. You'll find you need some amount of...

    • Europe reels from powerful 'Aurore' storm

      Europe reels from powerful 'Aurore' storm· 3 days ago

      Parts of northern Europe were scrambling to restore electricity services Thursday after gale-force winds which also disrupted rail and air travel. In...

    • Hearing loss and the link to dementia

      Hearing loss and the link to dementia

      Medical Xpress· 4 days ago

      Hearing loss is a natural part of aging nobody likes to admit is happening. It could put you at risk for another feared consequence of aging: dementia....