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    • A Cowed Normality

      A Cowed Normality

      The New Republic via Yahoo News· 2 days ago

      I said to him, as I believed then and still do now, that American society suffers serious fractures, but it’s not going to collapse anytime soon and will...

    • Syria: Iranian Defiance

      Strategy Page· 7 days ago

      June 12, 2018: The alliance between Russia, Iran and Turkey is coming apart because all three nations have different goals even though the three have been cooperating with the Assad government ...

    • What Happens If Israel and Iran Go To War?

      What Happens If Israel and Iran Go To War?· 3 days ago

      From the outset of the war between Israel and Hamas, the prospect of escalation into a regional war has been ever-present. Tensions ran high in April...

    • Iran: No Confidence In The Future

      Strategy Page· 3 days ago

      January 19, 2016: It is telling that there were no spontaneous public demonstrations of joy in Iran on the 17th as the sanctions were officially lifted. The religious fanatics running the government ...