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    • Thievul (anime)

      Thievul (anime)

      Fandom· 6 hours ago

      Please help the Pokémon Wiki by adding one. Upon evolving into Thievul, they immediately overwhelmed the Perrserker and Meowth before confiscating the...

    • Goh's Cinderace

      Goh's Cinderace

      Fandom· 18 hours ago

      This Cinderace is a Fire-type First partner Pokémon owned by Goh, who was his first Pokémon. As a Scorbunny, Cinderace was enthusiastic and a showboat,...

    • The Ending Of Blonde Explained - Looper

      The Ending Of Blonde Explained - Looper

      Looper· 11 hours ago

      Like the 700+ page Joyce Carol Oates novel that it's based on, "Blonde" plays fast and loose with history, and tells a jumbled story of how disorienting...