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    • Time to Reshop Your Home and Auto Insurance

      Time to Reshop Your Home and Auto Insurance

      Kiplinger via Yahoo Finance· 2 years ago

      The talking lizard from Geico and perky Flo from Progressive claim that switching insurance companies and bundling policies can save you money. Bundlers...

    • Best usage-based insurance

      Best usage-based insurance

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 8 months ago

      Images By Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images Car insurance companies calculate premiums based on perceived risk. Technology advances are making it easier for...

    • Liability insurance coverage

      Liability insurance coverage

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 5 months ago

      Car insurance is mandatory in nearly all states, except New Hampshire and Virginia. Although the required coverage types and amounts vary by state,...

    • What is accident forgiveness?

      What is accident forgiveness?

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 8 months ago

      Jim Craigmyle/Getty Images Car accidents can happen unexpectedly, and the damage can quickly shift your financial picture. If you have ever been involved...

    • Geico DriveEasy review

      Geico DriveEasy review

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 9 months ago

      Luis Alvarez/Getty Images Drivers who consistently practice safe driving habits may be able to save with a telematics program like Geico’s DriveEasy....