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    • Ukraine's frontline is collapsing

      Ukraine's frontline is collapsing

      Newsweek· 4 days ago

      The Institute for the Study of War said Tuesday that Russian forces are exploiting tactical opportunities opened up by Avdiivka's seizure and are trying...

    • Top 8 threats to National Security in 2024

      Top 8 threats to National Security in 2024

      WE ARE THE MIGHTY via Yahoo News· 3 days ago

      Every year, the Council on Foreign Relations publishes the greatest threats to the American experiment. For the first time, the biggest one is already on...

    • The eROSITA Telescope sheds new light on dark matter

      Astronomy Magazine· 3 days ago

      Cosmologists have long been on the hunt for dark matter, which makes up 80 percent of the mass in the universe, and yet is still mysterious. As its name suggests, dark matter doesn’t emit light ...