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    • March 25, 2023 Russia-Ukraine news

      March 25, 2023 Russia-Ukraine news· 7 days ago

      Russia plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, President Vladimir Putin told state television Saturday. Moscow will complete...

    • CNN Begs For Patience As Ratings Plummet

      CNN Begs For Patience As Ratings Plummet· 2 days ago

      While Fox News averaged 2.9 million viewers in March and MSNBC averaged 1.14 million eyeballs, CNN lagged significantly with only 473,000 viewers, on...

    • Russia's war in Ukraine | CNN

      Russia's war in Ukraine | CNN· 2 days ago

      Turkey’s parliament unanimously approved Finland’s accession to NATO after a vote Thursday, clearing the path for the Nordic country to become the 31st...