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    • Shooting the Landscape at 70 Miles an Hour

      Shooting the Landscape at 70 Miles an Hour

      PetaPixel· 2 days ago

      Landscape photography at 70 mph. Is it even possible? For years the idea of landscape photography was to put your camera on a tripod, frame very...

    • Small Business - Salisbury Post | Salisbury Post

      The Salisbury Post· 20 hours ago

      Landscape photography that requires both technical and artistic skills. “To capture stunning and breathtaking landscapes, you need the right camera equipment,” says Photography Educator Thomas ...

    • Avedon at Large

      Avedon at Large

      New York Times· 4 days ago

      “Richard Avedon: Murals” fills just one gallery of the Met, but “fills” is an understatement. These in-your-face, wall-engulfing portraits are a...