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    • How to Get Rid of Silverfish, Once and For All

      PureWow via AOL· 2 months ago

      Nobody wants to discover an insect while pulling a cashmere sweater from the closet or while pouring a bowl of cereal for breakfast and yet, it happens....

    • What Is a Silverfish?

      Reader's Digest via Yahoo News· 2 years ago

      The pest is likely a silverfish. Silverfish, along with these other pests, could very well be hiding in your attic right now. You should also be on the...

    • How to Deal with a Silverfish Infestation

      Martha Stewart Living via Yahoo News· 11 months ago

      Silverfish are silver, but they (obviously) aren't fish. These common insects get their name from their colored scales, which are light gray or silver, ...

    • 7 Indoor and Outdoor Plants That Repel Bugs

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      Everything is pretty wonderful except for one teeny-tiny little thing. While you could pick up some insect spray, there are more natural—and far...

    • This Is Where Bugs Hide in Each Area of Your Home

      Reader's Digest via AOL· 5 months ago

      Here are the 10 most disgusting house bugs and how to get rid of them. Termites are especially troublesome because of the damage that they can cause to your home. These are just some of the secrets termites don't want you to know.