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    • Somalia: Somalia April 2024

      Strategy Page· 3 days ago

      The ship had been captured in December 2023 by Somali pirates using a captured Iranian fishing boat, the Ashkaan, and its crew of 24 Pakistanis. After the pirates boarded the Ruen, the Ashkaan ...

    • Transfer Rule Lawsuit

      Transfer Rule Lawsuit

      Idaho State Journal· 5 hours ago

      FILE - South Carolina players work out during a practice at the Women's Final Four NCAA college college basketball tournament, Saturday, April 2, 2022,...

    • Somalia: What We Are

      Strategy Page· 5 days ago

      September 23, 2019: The government has been able to increase its 2019 budget 13 percent to $390 million. The economy's growth provides most of the increase. The economy is improving despite ...

    • Somalia: Prosperity Propels Islamic Terrorists

      Strategy Page· 7 days ago

      The time when the Islamic terrorists controlled a lot of the country ended in 2011 when al Shabaab, after increasing the areas it controlled since it first appeared in 2006, lost control of ...

    • Somalia: The Past Is Again Prologue

      Strategy Page· 5 days ago

      May 20, 2022: The long-delayed national elections were finally held five days ago and chose the incumbent’s predecessor Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the new president. The 15 months of delays and ...

    • Locust-busting is getting a upgrade

      Locust-busting is getting a upgrade

      The Economist· 3 hours ago

      Today, Schistocerca gregaria, also known as the desert locust, is considered the most dangerous migratory pest in the world. In places with fragile food...