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    • What U.S. troops are still doing in Somalia

      The Week via Yahoo News· 4 days ago

      While President Biden ended the "forever war" in Afghanistan in 2021, an American conflict still rages on in another country: Somalia, one of the last bastions of the United ...

    • United Nations Somalia

      United Nations Somalia

      The Harrisonburg Daily News-Record· 5 days ago

      FILE - Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud leads a demonstration at Banadir stadium, Mogadishu, Thursday Jan. 12, 2023. The government rally...

    • Inside Somalia's hidden world of sex work

      Inside Somalia's hidden world of sex work

      BBC News· 5 days ago

      Two women in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, have been talking to the BBC about how they got drawn into the underground world of sex work in a city living...

    • 14 killed by flash floods in Somalia: UN

      14 killed by flash floods in Somalia: UN· 4 days ago

      Mogadishu, March 24 (IANS) Flash floods caused by heavy rains have killed at least 14 people, displaced thousands more, and destroyed property in...

    • The weekly geography quiz

      Chicago Tribune via Yahoo News· 12 hours ago

      GEOQUIZ: What is the Horn of Africa? Answer: The easternmost extension of the continent. Some references consider the Horn to comprise just Somalia, while others include Djibouti ...