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    • What Chest Pain on Your Left Side Could Mean

      The Healthy via AOL· 1 year ago

      Does chest pain on the left side mean a heart attack? Chest pain is one of the symptoms of a heart attack. Since the heart shares space with other organs, tissues, and nerves ...

    • Why Do I Have Yellow Poop? 9 Most Common Reasons

      The Healthy via AOL· 2 years ago

      Bile, which breaks down fats, is made by the liver, stored in the gallbladder and is released through bile ducts as needed during digestion. Most shades along the spectrum ...

    • Oily Stool: What Doctors Need You to Know About Steatorrhea

      The Healthy via AOL· 2 years ago

      This is actually known as steatorrhea, or the more commonly used term “oily stool.” Steatorrhea refers to bulky, foul-smelling, oily stool that tends to be pale in color and float in the toilet bowl, resisting flushing.