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    • Goodbye, My Fantasy Man

      Goodbye, My Fantasy Man

      New York Times· 7 days ago

      I wasn’t willing to settle for less than kismet. But chasing a romantic illusion nearly kept me from finding love.

    • Definitions examined

      Definitions examined

      The Pottsville Republican & Herald· 3 days ago

      Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part letter to the editor focusing on the theory of religion. Belief or Believe: One of the first things we...

    • The Good Fight Recap: Uncanceled Culture

      The Good Fight Recap: Uncanceled Culture

      Vulture· 1 day ago

      In a very short time, Judge Hal Wackner and his zany alternative courtroom have become the closest thing The Good Fight has had to an authorial voice, a...

    • Iconic German Cars That Changed the Game

      Iconic German Cars That Changed the Game

      AOL· 3 days ago

      The four-stroke internal combustion engine was invented in Germany in the late 1800s. In the ensuing century-plus, Germany has become synonymous with...

    • Embracing a higher sense of existence

      The Christian Science Monitor· 1 day ago

      Identifying ourselves spiritually frees us from fears and limitations of mortal existence. The Bible tells us that God, Spirit, is the creator of man (meaning all of us), and that each of us ...