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    • Russia: A Traditional Game Of Chance

      Strategy Page· 4 hours ago

      November 16, 2017: Despite being under all sorts of sanctions for bad behavior Russia is backing the Assad government of Syria (subject to even more sanctions and war crimes ...

    • Syria: Iran Gets No Respect

      Strategy Page· 1 day ago

      This is the largest number of warships Russia has ever deployed to the Syrian coast and this is officially an effort to deter the U.S. Navy from attacking the Syrian forces (which the U.S. said ...

    • Special Operations: Spetsnaz Special Mi-8

      Strategy Page· 8 hours ago

      February 9, 2020: The Russian military is receiving ten Mi-8AMTSh-VN special operations helicopters in 2020. Mi-8AMTSh-VN is basically upgrades of the current latest model (Mi-8AMTSh-VA) with ...

    • Iraq: The Multi Front War With Iran

      Strategy Page· 3 hours ago

      Iran controlled PMFs are also expected to prevent economic reconstruction in Anbar, which puts these PMFs at odds with most Anbar residents (who tend to be Sunni). Iranian efforts to dominate ...