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    • Could Hezbollah defeat Israel?

      Could Hezbollah defeat Israel?

      The Week· 4 hours ago

      Since Hamas's 7 October attacks on Israeli citizens, Western officials have been working tirelessly to try to prevent the war in Gaza from spilling over....

    • Opinion | The myth of MAGA isolationism

      Opinion | The myth of MAGA isolationism

      Washington Post· 5 hours ago

      Conventional wisdom holds that the GOP is split into two factions: A Reaganite wing that still holds on to old ideas of U.S. leadership on the world...

    • Turkey: Sweden Not Joining NATO

      Strategy Page· 2 days ago

      November 8, 2023: Turkey once more delayed its promised approval of Sweden joining NATO. The delay this time was because Turkey was not consulted by the United States during the Hamas-Israel ...