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  1. President Trump's job approval rating has rebounded from its low point as voters warm to the GOP tax bill and express optimism over the economy, according to the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, viewed first by The Hill.

  2. The committee, which raised a record $107 million, detailed its finances in a tax filing, revealing that it donated less than expected to charity.

  3. Tori Gabriel and her husband Steve have two children and make just £22,000 between them after tax, but that didn't stop them wiping out their debts

  4. The first of the Trumps’ Scion hotels is being built in the Mississippi Delta. The local developers, saying it would draw tourists, sought state tax relief.

  5. Opinion: The most effective way to reduce tax avoidance is to reduce the number of ways to game the system

  6. Income Tax Rates, Slabs For 2017-18 And 2018-19 - A Guide

  7. These shenanigans are to be avoided -- both the kind where other people trick you and the ones where you try to trick Uncle Sam.

  8. The new estate tax exemption means some existing wills could direct more assets to your children than your spouse.

  9. Netflix Inc, Inc and technology companies poised to benefit from U.S. corporate tax cuts are attracting fresh attention on Wall Street after their shares shrugged off recent market turbulence.

  10. VICTORIA - British Columbia moved to ease the province's housing crisis Tuesday with a budget that introduces a new tax on property speculators, higher taxes on foreign homebuyers and ...

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