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    1. In a letter to House and Senate leadership, top manufacturing CEOs argued that the current tax system penalizes American factory workers.

    2. As President Donald Trump begins his second month in office, his team is trying to move past the crush of controversies that overtook his first month and make progress on health care and tax ...

    3. Walmart is warning against President Trump's proposed border adjustment tax, saying it would raise the cost of goods for US shoppers.

    4. As part of the Income Tax Department's Operation Clean Money, as many as 18 lakh taxpayers had been asked to explain large deposits made by them in the weeks after demonetisation. Taxpayers ...

    5. You can stay out of tax hell by keeping timely records, reporting all of your income and accurately detailing all big deductions.

    6. The investigation into the death of the exiled half-brother of North Korea's ruler is being conducted in an impartial manner, Malaysia's ambassador to Pyongyang said Tuesday, rejecting accusations from the North that the probe was politically tinged.

    7. Although higher taxes on corporates and the super-rich may be popular ideas, raising value-added tax may prove a much fairer and quicker way to increase revenue, says a tax expert.

    8. Nearly every council in the country is planning inflation-busting tax rises to fund social care but the extra money will be "swallowed up" by the cost of the Government's National Living Wage.

    9. Greece and its international lenders agreed on Monday to let teams of experts work out new reforms to Greek pensions, income tax and labor market that would allow Athens to eventually qualify for more cheap loans, euro zone officials said.

    10. The publication of a video in which the contentious Breitbart News editor condoned sexual relations with boys seemed to be more than conference organizers could tolerate.

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