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  1. It may not be as exciting as the cake and decorations, but he said knowing how to deal with tax turmoil is almost as important. Elisha Wiesenberg, of Wiesenberg & Co. in Studio City, ...

  2. Gas Tax by the Mile?

    NBC Philadelphia18 hours ago

    Plan would make drivers pay by mile, not gallon.

  3. Although structured differently than the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, the repeal was lauded by the local opposition.

  4. Asset prices could keep rising over the medium term.

  5. Four Tips to Avoid Being Audited

    NBC Los Angeles2 days ago

    The IRS sometimes conducts audits at random, but most of the time agents base investigations on tax returns that seem to indicate suspicious activity. One more quick tax tidbit ...

  6. An additional transfer of about 100 undocumented migrants from border detention facilities to California brought another round of protests Monday, as well as concern from local officials over ...

  7. SoCal Couple Hit by IRS Phone Scam

    NBC Los Angeles2 days ago

    It's a scary experience being reported by people all over Southern California — part of a nationwide dirty trick that's escalating — and could cost you big money. IRS officials say it's one ...

  8. Buehler is running for the Republican nomination for governor, in hopes of unseating Democrat Kate Brown next year.

  9. I’ve Normalized Trump

    Politico6 days ago

    My RSS feed runs the @JuliusReuter account, which has nine followers.

  10. The looming 20th anniversary Friday of the devastating Northridge earthquake is providing incentive for Los Angeles city leaders to look again at some of the lessons learned that -- for cost ...

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