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  1. HQ2 speculation is at a fever pitch. A new list from CNBC adds more fuel to the fire.

  2. The largest solar power array in downtown Milwaukee could be built by the end of this year on the parking structure of a West Wisconsin Avenue office tower.

  3. Tax revenue reported by the state implies that California is on pace for more than $1 billion in legal cannabis sales this year, a fraction of what was once projected.

  4. A 50% reduction in the federal excise tax is proving to be a windfall for Charlotte’s craft brewers.

  5. A Maricopa County Superior Court Judge rejected a law passed requiring strict compliance with state law regarding initiative petitions.

  6. Here's what the Tampa International Airport and Port Tampa Bay had to say about the tax referendum.

  7. Here are some of the (unfortunately) common mistakes our practice group has seen over the years.

  8. CHANDIGARH: The Justice Ranjit Singh commission, probing sacrilege cases in Punjab, has pointed to supposedly suspicious financial dealings of one of the men accused of sacrilege of a Quran ...

  9. 531,996 people moved to Texas from another state in 2016, or about 1,458 per day. Where did they come from?

  10. The advantages of OZ investing are realized over time.

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