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    • The Mandalorian Makes Major Baby Yoda Reveal

      IGN Videogames· 2 days ago

      The Child, known to most as Baby Yoda, has been a mysterious figure for much of The Mandalorian's run, but Chapter 13 gave him a huge bit of backstory.

    • The science behind doomscrolling

      ABC News· 22 hours ago

      Doomscrolling, a word that describes the act of obsessively reading bad news despite the onset of anxiety, only entered the popular vernacular ...

    • The Vertical Jump and It's Many Variations

      STACK· 23 hours ago

      The vertical Jump is a versatile field test that can be used in a wide variety of ways to measure performance. One of the key aspects of vertical jump...

    • The fifth quarter: Hawkeyes and Huskers

      Quad-City Times· 14 hours ago

      Nebraska took the field allowing 223.2 rushing yards per game, 13th in the Big Ten. The Cornhuskers switched up some things, starting ...

    • The Ancient Coins of Phanes

      Coinweek· 5 days ago

      The first coins to carry any sort of an inscription finally appeared sometime during the last quarter of the seventh century BCE. < ...

    • The first Thanksgiving

      The Spokesman-Review· 4 days ago

      The Separatists had moved from England to Holland in 1607, where they found the freedom to worship as they pleased. The Separatists came ...