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    • Herr Kleiser (Ultimate Avengers)

      Herr Kleiser (Ultimate Avengers)

      Fandom· 56 minutes ago

      Herr Kleiser is from the Ultimate Avengers Universe. Herr Kleiser, real name unknown, is a Chitauri infiltrator on Earth. During World War II, he was...

    • Avengers (Earth-616)

      Avengers (Earth-616)

      Fandom· 6 days ago

      The Avengers have been assembled by fate as a group of extraordinary champions with diverse abilities. As "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", their purpose is to...

    • Thanos/Cosmic Time Heist

      Thanos/Cosmic Time Heist

      Fandom· 3 days ago

      To complete this goal, Thanos set about hunting down all the Infinity Stones, which combined could wipe out half the universe, being aided by the Black...

    • The Bootleg Avengers Prop Up The Original Team· 5 days ago

      The team has gone through several iterations and changes in its roster over the years, amassing a number of memorable adventures under its belt. Much like the MCU film, The