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    • Avengers (Earth-616)

      Avengers (Earth-616)

      Fandom· 5 days ago

      The Avengers have been assembled by fate as a group of extraordinary champions with diverse abilities. As "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", their purpose is to...

    • Steve Rogers

      Steve Rogers

      Fandom· 5 days ago

      Captain Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers is a World War II veteran, a founding member of the Avengers, and Earth's first known superhero. Rogers grew up...

    • Helmut Zemo (Earth-199999)

      Helmut Zemo (Earth-199999)

      Fandom· 4 days ago

      Baron Helmut Zemo was a former Sokovian colonel and commander of the EKO Scorpion, a Sokovian death squad. Zemo maintained a healthy relationship with...

    • What are the chicken wars on TikTok?

      What are the chicken wars on TikTok?

      The Daily Dot· 21 hours ago

      Are you keeping up with the chicken wars on TikTok? In the span of a week or so, the “chicken wars” started dominating TikTok, leading to a trend of...