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    • Is Canada at peak sanctions?

      Politico· 17 hours ago

      BRENT COTTER, CLAUDE CARIGNAN, CLÉMENT GIGNAC and REBECCA PATTERSON. Conflict of Interest Act public registry update: JAMEE ST-HILAIRE, Transport Minister PABLO RODRIGUEZ’ ...

    • How Ukraine lost Avdiivka

      How Ukraine lost Avdiivka

      Newsweek· 5 days ago

      Ukraine has withdrawn its troops from Avdiivka after months of fierce fighting for the Donetsk town, whose capture by Russia is Vladimir Putin's first...

    • Procurement: Exposing Russian Smuggling

      Strategy Page· 6 hours ago

      Oran-10s then required several Western electronic boards and chips that were not manufactured in Russia and had to be imported. This was a major problem because Orlan-10 was a key observation ...