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    • Annuity Trust (CRAT) vs. Unitrust (CRUT)

      Annuity Trust (CRAT) vs. Unitrust (CRUT)

      SmartAsset via Yahoo Finance· 9 hours ago

      A charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT) is one option; a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) is another. CRATs and CRUTs can both be used for estate...

    • Contemplating Retirement Income? Start Here

      Contemplating Retirement Income? Start Here

      Morningstar· 5 days ago

      Strategies that reduce expenses or boost non-portfolio income, like delaying Social Security or employing annuities, can be even more impactful than...

    • Midland National Continues Aggressive Growth Strategy

      WBRC Fox 6 Birmingham· 2 days ago

      the company has introduced new, innovative products while building – and expanding upon – its RIA partnerships. "We have taken a strategic, focused approach that offers financial ...