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    • Israel: Israel and Iran

      Strategy Page· 7 days ago

      This will happen when Iran gets close to developing nuclear weapons carried by ballistic missiles. Given that Gaza...

    • Middle East and North Africa

      Foreign Relations· 7 days ago

      CFR experts discuss Iran’s attack on Israel and the escalation of the conflict. Steven Cook is the Eni Enrico Mattei senior fellow for ...

    • Iran: Power Comes At A Cost

      Strategy Page· 1 day ago

      The hardline decisions made since August in Iraq, Syria and Yemen have not had the desired result. In each of these countries there is a Quds Force general who directs the activities of all ...

    • Syria: The Israeli Reset

      Strategy Page· 14 hours ago

      May 15, 2018: While the Syrian government is close to winning the seven year long civil war there are still substantial rebel forces that will not surrender. The most formidable ...

    • Syria: Waiting For A Miracle

      Strategy Page· 21 hours ago

      March 25, 2019: Iran and Syria have made it official; Iran will assist the Assad government in regaining control of all of Syria and ...