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    • Space Lasers Could Revolutionize NASA Communications

      IEEE Spectrum· 49 minutes ago

      The video images were ghostly, and the audio was filled with static. While radio signals range from 3 Hz to 3,000 GHz, near-infrared laser signals are around 300 THz—which is why engineers can ...

    • Chinese Astronaut Lights Match in Space

      Chinese Astronaut Lights Match in Space

      Futurism via Yahoo News· 2 days ago

      Matchbox Tiangong Two astronauts on board China's Tiangong space station have done the seemingly impossible: light a candle with a match during a live...

    • older news articles· 27 minutes ago

      ...L1 successfully escapes sphere of Earth's influence, navigating its path to Lagrange Point 1: ISRO livemint — 10:30 am ET (1430 GMT) NASA needs a design for $1 billion space-tug for International Space Station Fox Business — 10:29 am ET (1429 GMT) Amazon satellites are placed atop Atlas V rocket...