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    • Is It Time to Rewire What Was Once Hardwired? | Quint Studer

      Pensacola News Journal via Yahoo Finance· 8 months ago

      When he returned to lead Apple, the late Steve Jobs shared with employees that the goal was to make much of what they do obsolete — not the mission of Apple, but the tools and techniques. His ...

    • Ummm… What Do You Mean by “Nonpareil”?

      Ummm… What Do You Mean by “Nonpareil”?

      Simply Recipes via Yahoo News· 4 months ago

      If you’ve always wondered, we have the answer. Simply Recipes / Photo Illustration by Wanda Abraham / Getty Images Decorating Christmas cookies was a big...

    • Disney+ Un-Bans Fart-Filled ‘Bluey’ Episode

      Disney+ Un-Bans Fart-Filled ‘Bluey’ Episode

      The Wrap via Yahoo News· 2 years ago

      After fan outcry that a third-season episode of Emmy-winning Australian kids show “Bluey” is missing Disney+, the company is “reevaluating” their initial...