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    • Is It Time to Rewire What Was Once Hardwired? | Quint Studer

      Pensacola News Journal via Yahoo Finance· 10 months ago

      When he returned to lead Apple, the late Steve Jobs shared with employees that the goal was to make much of what they do obsolete — not the mission of Apple, but the tools and techniques. His ...

    • Ummm… What Do You Mean by “Nonpareil”?

      Ummm… What Do You Mean by “Nonpareil”?

      Simply Recipes via Yahoo News· 6 months ago

      If you’ve always wondered, we have the answer. Simply Recipes / Photo Illustration by Wanda Abraham / Getty Images Decorating Christmas cookies was a big...

    • Disney+ Un-Bans Fart-Filled ‘Bluey’ Episode

      Disney+ Un-Bans Fart-Filled ‘Bluey’ Episode

      The Wrap via Yahoo News· 2 years ago

      After fan outcry that a third-season episode of Emmy-winning Australian kids show “Bluey” is missing Disney+, the company is “reevaluating” their initial...