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    • Word of the Day: presumptuous

      New York Times· 2 days ago

      According to what’s known as “standpoint theory,” your view necessarily depends on your own experience: You can’t possibly know what others feel. Can you correctly use the ...

    • The Biden Dilemma

      The Biden Dilemma

      Time Magazine· 5 hours ago

      Biden was hustled out of the building, a black baseball hat over his shock of white hair, to receive word that his predecessor had been the< ...

    • Word of the Day: staggering

      New York Times· 4 days ago

      The artist, Thomas Taylor, would go on to establish the world’s conception of Harry Potter, with his iconic round glasses and lightning bolt scar. “It’s ...

    • Word of the Day: adieu

      New York Times· 3 days ago

      This word has appeared in 39 articles on in the past year. Can you use it in a sentence?