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    • Infinite supply and peace of Mind

      The Christian Science Monitor· 5 days ago

      In the investment world, peace of mind is usually a promise of what can be delivered by a low-risk investment portfolio. Capitalizing the word “Mind” makes all the difference, for as Mary Baker ...

    • Lopsided Contest

      Lopsided Contest

      New York Times· 4 days ago

      Aaron M. Rosenberg compares and contrasts.

    • Dancer’s Haul

      Dancer’s Haul

      New York Times· 2 days ago

      Ella Dershowitz calls us by (some of) our names — or does she? Note to readers: In the past, Wordplay indicated crossword clues with quotation marks....

    • On the character: 助

      China Daily· 11 hours ago

      One morning circa 300 BCE, the sage Mencius lectured his followers, "Those who advocate for justice will enjoy much support, while those who are unjust will have little (得道者多助,失道者寡助 dé dào zhě ...

    • In Defense of Calling Everything an Aesthetic

      The Cut· 2 days ago

      On January 9, 2023, Reddit moderator TheRealMisterMan made an announcement: “This subreddit was originally, and ostensibly still is, a philosophy subreddit concerning the branch known as ‘aesthetics ...