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  1. Lexi and Danny Reed know there are benefits to getting healthy as a couple. INSIDER spoke to the duo about losing weight, relationships, and advice on getting started.

  2. The spokesperson added, "Tracy does not advocate for processed foods existing in a healthy diet." This is not the first time Paltrow's company has drawn criticism over content ...

  3. It’s important to note that Jillian doesn’t recommend using this as a cleanse — this detox water is meant to be consumed with a healthy diet. Your weekly wine and cola habit can ...

  4. Meghan Markle's go-to smoothie recipe revealed via Yahoo News1 day ago

    Meghan Markle gets a healthy start to her day! During an interview with The Chalkboard in 2015, Prince Harry’s fiancée shared the recipe for her favorite breakfast smoothie, while opening ...

  5. The holidays don’t mean giving up your diet or healthy lifestyle, according to registered nurse and Sentara Healthcare diabetes coordinator Jean Midyette. Midyette often finds.

  6. The Scary Things That Happen If You Lose Too Much Weight

    Popsugar US via Yahoo News11 hours ago

    If you embark on an extreme diet plan, you may be putting your body at a disservice. Good news - we had Christopher Hollingsworth, MD, from NYC Surgical Associates explain what can happen ...

  7. Kourtney always seems to have a Paparazzi-perfect figure, and as it turns out, it doesn’t come easily. Kourtney follows a squeaky clean diet to stay slim, and to the average person, it sounds pretty unrealistic.

  8. Eat, drink and be merry (in moderation)

  9. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is approaching fast. Tickets went on sale in October and many screenings have already sold out, but it certainly couldn't hurt to check with your local movie theater to grab an opening-weekend seat.

  10. Cookbook author Dawn Russell shares recipes and tips for how parents can ensure their children are eating enough greens.

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